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    ShaoXing Shangyu Yuzhishui Environment Equipment Co., Ltd.  is a set of landscaping lawn sprinkler engineering design, construction, landscape irrigation equipment, agricultural irrigation equipment, agricultural micro jet device, automatic irrigation control system sales as one of the professional company.
    The company operates nearly 100 kinds of garden irrigation equipment, garden irrigation equipment, agricultural sprinkler heads, agricultural irrigation equipment and irrigation sprinklers, agricultural greenhouse micro-irrigation equipment, and spray irrigation facilities, including lawn sprinkler automatic solenoid valve, automatic sprinkler controller, fast water valves, pumping equipment, filters, rain sensor, exhaust valve, such as supporting automatic and manual equipment, but also to operate sprayers, pruning plants, cut squid, sprayed with water cannons and fountains of the various types of nozzles and other gardening tools.
    The company's business throughout the country, the company has an experienced professional and technical team, each employee of the company are accepted for professional training in cooperation with a high level of product knowledge and professional skills, regardless of yard-greenbelts or golf course or million mu of farmland, the modern lawn of the greenhouse greenhouse automatic irrigation systems, we can achieve perfection.

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